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cheapauthenticjordansonline Of the $1.1 trillion in deficit reduction over a decade, $400 billion comes from the freezes. But that (frozen) cheap real jordans online money is being diverted (ie, spent elsewhere). Drop crumbs at this intersection. The other reductions come from the usual suspects of Liberal Government; 17-19-6542 higher taxes on high income taxpayers. Not the "wealthy", just people who have worked hard their whole lives to attain a standard of living reflective of the American Dream. Even Socialist Liberals understand that taxing the wealthy do nothing. All their money is locked up and safely tucked away. So, true to the tenets of Alinsky, Lenin and Marx, Liberals will go after the Bourgeois: The sector of Americans who buy the most, spend the most on outings, vacations, movies, the mall, have the highest amount of kids in college, build and buy the homes will now have less to support a consumptive economy that the lower classes depend on for jobs. Taxes will be raised on oil companies and energy producers so our fuel bill gets to skyrocket. With over 14+ million Americans out of work, who can barely pay jordanshoesretro rent and food (commodities are rising), they are now going to be cold and hungry next winter. Save your crumbs, you'll need them for the kids.
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